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Many of our authors have been able to leverage their susceptibility on The Success Talk to land other opportunities such as many more guest posts, verbalizing engagements, and entire incremented authenticity in their field.

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The Submission Process 

IMPORTANT: Please do not send us article ideas; we assign the topics. Only email us with the category you choose to write. Thank you!

Step 1: You choose the general category you’d like to write about. Category choices are Business, Education, The Secret, and, additionally, perhaps Have You Read.

Step 2:  Email us with the category you chose and a sentence or two about you. The subject of the email should be “Guest Post, Category Area.”

Step 3: We’ll send you a title related to the category that you choose.

Step 4: Draft a complete article that conforms to the guidelines we send you.

Step 5: Our editing team will review the article, provide feedback if necessary, and if approved – post the article as soon as we can!

Some General Guidelines 

Suggested Article Length

A minimum of 1,500 words

Provide new, private, and truthful articles.

This article you submit should not be published anywhere else, including your blog; it may additionally not include any segments extracted from an earlier published article. Do not endeavour to rephrase content articles from different sites. We pride ourselves on giving unique content.

Keep in mind you can’t replicate the article elsewhere without our consent.

We will reserve the right to engender minor edits to your blog to conform to our guidelines and ameliorate precision.

Reserve self-promotion to your bio

We aren’t a promotional platform. We welcome unique and meaningful content that will add benefits to the lives of their readers. You may mention your site, sociable networking, or firm in your 2-3 paragraph bio.

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If you would like to write for The Success Talk, please send an email at [email protected]. Be sure to include things like the topic area you’ll opt to publish around (Building Personality, Productivity, Prosperity, Business, Factual or Personalized Advancement ). Be mindful we are only fascinated with integrating value for our subscribers and our network. If you aren’t sure if your inscription is a superior fit to your blog, please look on the website and ascertain what has already been submitted. 

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